Yesterday: Craig and I went

Craig and I went to some dude named Richard’s house last night for the Tyson fight. $54.97 on Pay-Per-View. The Digital cable box read: “Boxing 8pm-1am”. Why then from 8pm to 9pm was there NOTHING on, and why were the Charter people not answering the phones? Apparently it was a bit misleading and the fight didn’t come on until later that night. Tyson went down in 8 rounds, KO. After that we went to the Summer-O incoming freshman dance, which apparently is where a lot of greeks hang out and try and let the freshman maybe get an idea of whether they want to rush or not. I had a pretty good time.

Go to Nuck’s for Sunday Simpsons lineup, plus exchanging books. After that talk to syc about giving me noob MySQL lessons… I’m making my own guestbook.



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