When I wrote my last post it was 61° outside

When I wrote my last post it was 61° outside. ONE DAY LATER, around the same time it is in the 20’s and SNOWING. Yesterday I got my programming test back… (the hardest test I’ve ever taken)—- and I’ll just say I didn’t do too hot on it. But now I know what to prepare for…. Civ was pretty boring yesterday….. Work was work…. Symphonic Band was unfortunately symphonic band….. then went to Murray Pizza Hut (first time since 8th grade with Eric Crago when we ate an extra large thin crust in like 3 mins) and had a pretty good meal w/ Rachel Mandy and Lisa. After that chilled and worked on some more of that Eng 102 assignment… then I watched a pretty good Episode of “Boston Public”. After that was Raw w/ John and Dave…..then Smackdown w/ Lee John Dave and I. Quite fun. Today: Classss work Classsssssssssssss. Then some good ol’ NOTHING. Feels oh so good to do nothing every once and a while. Later.

Today in bofe.org history:
(022620010342PM) Monday. Today in Willen’s Economics class we were supposed to finish “Tucker” but we did not. -( The rest of the day went by as usual. Where was Jordan today? I don’t know. Apollo game tonight… district tournament. Hopefully the last. Also on the front page of today’s Messenger-Inquirer was this article. Kind of interesting… considering Mr. Steve Burton did most of the work. In addition to the quickies, I thought this Slashdot story was interesting.


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