It is FRIDAY. One more test and I’m done with them for another 3 weeks… (aka pre spring break midterm)

Yesterday was decent. Took my Psych test that I think I did ok on…. went to work and folded 3007498793843 papers…then went to Eng in the library to show us how to use library resources (blah~). Then I went to the Quad State thing in the Fine Arts building and chilled w/ Lee and Dave while they judged the piles of crap that were auditioning… then I went downstairs and chilled w/ some SAI ppl (Rachel Mandy Lisa) and then I came back here… watched Smackdown with John Dave Lee and Sheena (sp?)—then watched our guests play smackdown…forever…then played some gta3. then basically went to bed after that.

today: csc 240 (java) test. class.. work.. haircut.. parking tag..return movie.. later.


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