Whoops…there’s nobody here to tell me to go to bed

Whoops…there’s nobody here to tell me to go to bed. Relatively interesting day… got some studying done for my Civ test at work. Saw my first uncensored childbirth video in Psychology… Talked to Adam for first time in a while in Eng… got back to the room. Slept until 8. Woke up, went and got 20 oz of Cappucino… readily consumed it all. Maybe that’s why I’m up now… maybe I’m up because I just finished some java homework. (The Game of Craps = Crap) Going to go to work at 8:30 (4 hours and 30 minutes away, yes) and get my notes… have a hearty breakfast and study. Go into java class (?) then take my civ test. Going to skip Symphonic band, so Mr Fannin if you’re reading this I won’t be there, but I doubt you are. Not going to work either… gonna take the test, come to the room and SLEEP—- then I’m gonna go eat dinner for Rachel’s birthday at Tom’s Grill and watch a movie…then i’ll study for my psychology test that I have Thursday. WHAT A GREAT WEEK. Later.


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