Pretty good weekend

Pretty good weekend.

First update: Found out why neighbor went crazy Thurs. night—he told me “I wanted to kill my roommate”—so i guess he made quite a valiant attempt.

Friday: Class and work. Stayed at work for an extra time helping a professor… pretty fun actually. After that we went to Alaina’s and chilled, then went to Los Portales. After that we went to a shindig at Michael’s house. fun fun.

Saturday: Pretty slow day. Ate Winslow w/ Cassandra and Jenny (her roomie) Went out in Marshall County to a house John was house sitting and watched O Brother Where Art Thou and played with some nice dogs. Also had a good meal there. After that madness ensued on our floor, Nicole came over to watch a little bit of the Matrix and I went to bed.

Sunday: Went to wal mart and got some much needed food…did some homework…need to do some laundry but only have one quarter. Made a bofe character on Smackdown.

This week: THREE TESTS!!!! (PSYCHOLOGY, CIV, AND JAVA) Time to do some hardcore studying. No RAW tonight, Dave has work. (

I think I’m going to lay down now, was up until 3 am ) Later.


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