I swear I will not kill anyone

“I swear I will not kill anyone” – The Terminator (Terminator 2) Yesterday I went to my classes…zzz…..and then work….and then class. I’m glad Eng 102 didn’t last long. Psychology we’re talking about sleep, in a dark room… with a monotone voice. Saying the word sleep over and over again and I STILL stayed awake. It was a testament to my dedication as a student (or the mountain dew I was drinking) So I got back to the room and I did my english paper!!!! it was pretty easy to do, but I thought I would be up until like 3am on Wed doing it (since it’s due thurs) but I already emailed it to the teacher. wow.

we officially had nothing to do.

I couldn’t wait to watch T2 since we rented it and Swingers last night. So we watched them both, didn’t finish T2 because it was
still on at like 2:20 and they were still blowing up Cyberdent. The DVD is great, tons of special crap and sweet THX intro! Tonight: t2 again with movie night crowd…followed by some sleep maybe. Later.


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