Updating from home

Updating from home. Came home…took back the BoS soundcard that I got. Adam—I know yer reading this – I WANT A LIVEDRIVE~. Maybe next paycheck. h4wh4w. Last night Lee Rachel and I went to OLD SCHOOL WRESTLING. It was only $2, and we didn’t have anything better to do. HOLY CRAP! Ok…so like all the matches but 2 sucked. The one with the two black guys fighting each other was really good and suprisingly well sold and great crowd…and the main event was INSANE! It was a Table/Ladder/Chair tag team match. I’ve never seen anything quite like it…it made WWF look like a Disney movie. Anyways… now I’m at home chillin’. Got some sleepin’ done and chatted w/ my parents for a while. Tomorrow: Go back to school and do java homework~. Later.

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