Yesterday was pretty standard besides the bloody rain

Yesterday was pretty standard besides the bloody rain. I hate it. Went to Psych, got some parts of the brain mixed up…other than that I did ok on the quiz. Went to work…..Went to Eng 102 and had a spectacular time in there (note sarcasm) I was just generally damn tired yesterday. After Eng we watched Simpsons…then Family Guy/Smackdown then Rachel came and finished up Se7en. (she had to go earlier last night) Anyways… after that played about 1 second of a game of Smackdown and I suck at it now so I stopped for a while. Got some work done on the new layout… The real work will start after this weekend when I pick up my new sound card so I can do all sorts of magical things with sound. Anyways, today: class class work then Owensboro. My mom’s 50! Also: I found this link to be pretty disturbing. I’ll update Sunday night. Got a lotta crap to do. Later.

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