Yesterday was a pretty good day

Yesterday was a pretty good day. In programming class there is an identifier called “self” in the java language. This really happened…A guy raised his hand and said “Yeah, I was playing with self last night…” and the instructor said, whoa whoa that’s too much information. It was hilarious to say the least. After that was Civ class, got a 100 on my first quiz. Then I went to work…then I went to symphonic band (suuuuuuuuck.) After that we picked up some grub, and picked up two movies. They were both favorites of mine: Requiem for a Dream and Se7en. Lee and I watched Requiem after the King of the Hill/Simpsons and then
we had Alaina, Dave, Lisa and Rachel over to watch Se7en. Anyway…

today: Psych Quiz (!) work and class….. later.


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