ok time for a semi real update

ok time for a semi real update. why do i have time to do this?? well, i woke up at 8 thinking i had a class at 930…but it’s at 1030. friday i chilled with jordan for a bit during the day. had some grub, went to books a million. after that i stayed home for a while, trying to learn flash. then i went to the dude’s for a little while…then came home and worked w/ flash even more.
saturday…woke up at about 1:30. from 2:45 until about 7 i worked with flash. i think i’m starting to become a ninja in it or something. around 8 i went to brad king’s house for a pretty cool get together. got home about 11:30. went to bed around 1…
sunday… woke up at 9. packed my car. went to o charley’s w/ fam. and then i left for school. got everything unloaded and all moved into my new room basically before lee (roommate) got here. oh it’s true. after everything was situated we (lee/rachel/me) went to wendy’s and walmart. dave (who is down the hall) stopped by after a little bit and played some smackdown and football (dont remember the name of the game).
today: books and classes and gonna stop by work too. yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! tonight: RAW~IS~WAR!!

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