sunday is a day of rest

sunday is a day of rest… and that’s about all i’ve done today. haven’t left the house as of 10:47 PM. emily and drew came over for dinner. i watched the simpsons…that’s about it. i’m going to lexington tomorrow morning (10 AM!!!!!!!) w/ the laurin caravan. i’m wondering if the DCPS kids will have school tomorrow. later.

another stellar day… i was going to go to lexington / e-town tomorrow with my friends that go to school in that area… but i just looked outside. maybe it’s just the night but the weather isn’t looking probable for me to drive in. i just looked out back and it’s pretty much ice on the patio…mmmmmmm. great drivin’ conditions! anyway… today ate w/ dude and ryan at McD’s. did a lot of nothing including ordered a tool shirt…then ate at tgi friday’s with laurin. we went to the mall after that… i played some tekken tag and got a “bad ass hat” (stone color) we then watched chasing amy. she didn’t like how it ended… but, she doesn’t know anything about great movies. after that i went to dude’s and chilled for a bit, watched some tv. now i’m home…. i also copied win2k twice today. once for bickett and another time for adam. later.


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