Another amazing day coming to a hault

Another amazing day coming to a hault. bofe.tool is up and running… talked to big dave today on the phone for a bit. he’s coming in friday. i think we may have a kevin smith movie marathon tomorrow, i’m not sure. anyway- went to moonlight with laura, natalie, laurin and nick. always a memorable time. after that we went to evansville… laurin nick chris and natalie all in my shitty car with me. what fun. the mall was pretty empty, and i couldn’t find a hat that i liked. best buy was all out of speakers and stuff, so i didn’t get anything there. we got back to the boro and then went to pizza hut. after that we went to laurins for the uk/tulane game, then watched shrek. now i’m home, wishing i hadn’t stayed up so late last night. feels like i’m in school already -) . Later.


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