Happy new year!

Happy new year! My resolution: Better Grades. Tonight was a rather “partyless” night, if you think partys are just drinking and not remembering what you did. I woke up at around 3 pm today… ate Wendy’s with Cody. Then went to Zack’s and chilled, trying to find something to do. Came home and played Adam in Unreal (CtF) and we rocked on it for about an hour. He decided to have an impromptu lan party and I was there. First I went to PBtG and caught up with Ryan who just got back from Wisconsin too. Moved my stuff over to Adam’s for the LPC2k1.99/2, then I went to Bethany’s and rang in the new year. Also played Truth or Dare Jenga (gay). After that I went to Adam’s and played Andrew and him at Unreal for almost 4 hours. WOW. I never knew games could be so much fun—and i was basically watching myself get fragged by Adam. Whee. I hope you all had a safe and happy holiday… Later.


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