Whoops, kinda forgot to post yesterday

Whoops, kinda forgot to post yesterday. I’m sure you’re all yearning for a good read too. Yesterday(Saturday) I watched the UK/UL game with my dad. I fell asleep at halftime, but woke up finding UK up by 23. After that, Cody Jimmy and me went to Subway and then saw LOTR (cody and I’s second viewing) for free! I LOVE LESLIE BOYD AND MALCO THEATERS. Anyway, then we went to Jimmy’s and played Xbox for a while. It wasn’t as bad as people have been telling me, and has made me want to play unreal more.

Today I played at KWC (and watched them win by 30+) after that I talked with Bethany for a while. Then I ate Taco Bell with a returning-from-wisconsin Dude. After that I played some Unreal and Cody KP came over. We snatched a MSU vid from the Bidwells and then we watched The Professional with Jaime Eckdahl. (Yes the honor grad was in my house!!!!) After that we sat around and talked for about 3 hours.

Today: Goodbye 2001, hello ‘02. Wheee! Later.


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