What a good day so far

What a good day so far.

Downloaded PrecisionScan LT 2.02 today for my scanner that didn’t work in win2k… and now it does. whee. My links page has been updated, so has the about. Also… I’ve been listening to this Oxnard Cali based band called the in:force a totally unique sound. Give them a listen. went to El toribios with Cody and what a meal. here’s something i got bored and did for Jordan. Right now I’m just chilling. I’ll probably go do some stuff later tonight…. but who knows. Later.

Tonight has been one of the more interesting nights in Owensboro. It all started when Cody and I went to watch Soul Birth practice. We chilled there, even though their bass player wasn’t there. Cody eventually left for some undisclosed reason and I stayed and chilled with Jordan. We ended up going to Dairy Queen at about 10:45, but DQ was closed so we went to Taco Bell… but we didn’t want that so we went to Wendy’s, but they were closed so we back to Taco Bell. Ate some food there, saw Michael Blades there (with some suspiciously young ladies) and then we went to Aaron Sollman’s house to see what he was up to. He wasn’t home so we called his house to see if we could get his cell phone #. We got it and called him and he was at “Sharks”. We were on our way to sharks when we decided to stop by blockbuster, but on the way to blockbuster we got a call from Jordan’s brother Josh who’s car died in Books a Million’s parking lot. We gave Josh a jump, then ventured to blockbuster. Talked to Josh Oliver and Andrew Carter for a while there. Then we went to Sharks. Sharks is the most ghetto wannabe pseudo thug place I’ve ever seen in my life. I felt so cool there. HAHA. It was seriously awful, but we talked w/ Sollman and then went to his house where he showed us some of the kickass music he’s written. Now I’m home… thinking I should have been home earlier but I did have a good time. Wheeeeeeee! later.


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