today has been the all time #1 most boring day ever

today has been the all time #1 most boring day ever. last night i went to PBTG and got some sweet pizza. it’s awesome. i’ll be eating it tomorrow morning i’m sure. the stuff is amazing, everyone needs to eat there for every meal all the time. . i did some talking on the phone after that, and i stayed in. earlier today i was at my sister’s inlaws house for food. it was pretty good. now i’m just sitting here, listening to tool. tonight i’m going to settle memorial with some friends for the late service. the i told you so’s were given to these people (1) rob johnson (2, 3) chris bidwell. wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! i’m out. later.

3 i told you so’s in one day. this is a record. more on this later tomorrow.


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