oh it is so good

oh it is so good to be home, so good that i have not updated. friday: went to work, got band stipend & check, took eng final and got home. went to laurin’s and saw nick, becca, bethany, laurin (it’s her house you know), and erk rogier. it was loads of fun. i also saw when trumpets fade at the dude’s house. a pretty good flick. saturday: went w/ my dad to murray to get the rest of my stuff that i couldn’t put in my car. tons of fun. then went to laurin’s and chilled there w/ the usual group… then went to zack’s. another great night. last night i went to see ocean’s 11 which was suprisingly good. today i ate w/ nick and the bobster ath the hut. pretty good stuff. i’m working on a post holiday version of the site. here’s the splash screen (it’s jenny mccarthy, btw). tonight: dunno. tomorrow: duke vs uk!! later.


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