ok. i’ve gone and lost

ok. i’ve gone and lost my mind. last night went to wendy’s at like 1 am w/ adam. i think i consumed at least 128 oz of mt dew or similarly colored beverages today(yesterday). we then went to adam’s house, heard some interesting jingles, and got in phone conversations with pappy. it was quite hi-larious. went to bed at some unspeakable hour of the night. yesterday i did watch 3 disney movies: sword in the stone, jungle book, and little mermaid. that probably contributed a little bit to my insanity. had fun at rachel and laura’s room, watching the little mermaid though. also had some pretty good cheese dip. (didn’t try the chilli, don’t like mushrooms)

i have two finals today. civ common and math. i’ve done most of my studying for math because that’s the class i suck the most in. civ final has been put on the back burner until i get done with math. anyway… i need to get to work. later.


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