i cannot believe my eyes.

i cannot believe my eyes. it’s december 10th. i had to do a double take on my calendar thing. ahhhhhhh! this semester is almost over. this is great. i have 3 finals…english (friday afternoon) math (thursday afternoon) and civ (thursday evening). tuesday and wednesday i will be cramming… so expect a lot of crazy entries on here. ) also i must say one of the more interesting sites i’ve been to 400k. it’s a personal site, sure… but it’s awful well done. i am looking forward to when christmas is over, simply because i will be able to take down this stupid holiday layout. i know i’m getting tired of it. guestbook needs to be signed. the room to myself is pretty cool. i blast the music loud and there is no tv!!! only down side: no phone ( anyone trying to get in touch with me needs to e-mail me : andrew.hill@murraystate.edu. later.


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