hi. yesterday sucked. was up

hi. yesterday sucked. was up until like 2 something… and woke up for work this morning at 8. the power here was out for about 2 hours… and the network was down for even longer than that. watched raw with john… came back to a down network. i don’t really remember what I did… but i know it sucked. tool christmas is growing every day. check it out. ate with carr/cecil. today i went to work and there was some drama. i think we (ctlt) got broken into last night. if you want details on it talk to me because i don’t feel like writing them on here right now. did some blogsurfin and then i’m back here for lunch and boredom. getting ready to go to math. tonight: study for csc stuff. sleep. tomorrow: 2 tests. class. be bored. this weekend: murray, ky. roommate moved out. nothing to do, will probably do some studying for finals. hahahahahahahahahahaha. later.

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