Another new layout… I decided

Another new layout… I decided to almost get creative w/ some graphics. Hope you enjoy it. SIGN MY GUESTBOOK! Cavies auditions are looming. As for this weekend, I had a pretty good one. Last Racerband football game for the season and I can say I’m overjoyed. We won the game, had a pretty good show (for racerband standards anyway) and had a lot of fun that night with Lisa Dave Lee Rachel and Alaina, and various others…. Sunday I’ve felt kind of sick all day which sucks pretty bad. Gave the site a new layout and went to McDonalds w/ Adam. Also ordered a Cavies Hoodie off their website. Tomorrow (today): Work, class etc. I HATE MONDAY!! I’ll probably get some practicing in and celebrate John Carmichael’s birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOHN! Later.


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