Guess what everybody? I have

Guess what everybody? I have got my guestbook up and running again! SIGN IT!!! EVERYONE!! PLEASE!

Also added my favorite blog entries.

Side note: tonight watched Dr dolittle 2… it really sucked. Britone section got best section at racerband banquet. like I didn’t see that one coming. Pizza was good, but the banquet as a whole was lackluster and rather boring!

The REAL top 5 things you’ll never hear a racer band member say:

#5: I love these Alan Emerson Arrangements!

#4: This drill is so hard!

#3: Bethany,your pattern is so clear!

#2: What an electrifying ending!
……….. drumroll……….

#1: Mr. Fannin, you are so funny!

I crack myself up. Later.


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