CSC Test = Easy. Test

CSC Test = Easy. Test started at 9:30… I got back to my room (and got breakfast) at 10 am. I think I missed 3 on it… and I also think you don’t care so why am I writing it? Last night- Ate w/ Katie, watched some TV at her place… came back here and then went to Rachel’s room where I saw some funny stuff. Lisa dressed as a Japanese woman (and looked pretty authentic too!), Rachel as a hippy, and Mandy dressed as a NKOTB fan. Apparently they just got back from some Halloween party. Sat around and talked for a good 30 minutes before we started studying but it helped me a lot… probably didn’t help Rachel, but oh well. Lee Nuckols is the man. Lee Nuckols Lee Nuckols Lee Nuckols Lee Nuckols. Seriously though, I’m looking forward to next semster. Today: Class + Laundry + Some type of thing w/ Lisa/Rachel/Lee. Oh yes… I’ve been listening to Radiohead’s Kid-A for the past day… it’s quite——hmm… avant garde. Anyway, Later.


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