Whew… just got done doing

Whew… just got done doing some marathon cleaning. (from noon to 1:20…yeah new record.) Doing Laundry… when that’s done I’ll travel to Wal-Mart and buy some stuff. Like some air freshener…. the room smells like steak that my roommate cooked on his George Foreman and he didn’t clean it. YUCK. Gonna see K-Pax tonight w/ Laurino after eating at some Pizza place. Last night did a lot of nothing and it felt good… Today I went to work and Civ. Civ was awesome… we talked for a little bit and he gave us a quiz (THAT I STUDIED FOR) but the quiz was a joke. Questions like What color is the book? Who’s the best Civ teacher in the world? What is in my hands? Stuff like that… and he let us go. Awesome. Tomorrow: Practice X 10000, Lunch w/ the Carmichaels, r0×0ring the night away probably… Later.

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