Yesterday: Moved computers all day

Yesterday: Moved computers all day at work… Went to gay Freshman O and Math and slept. Got the great news that housing is giving me $505 for the half semester I spent in a cesspool. Then went to Taco John’s “Taco Tuesday” with Dave John Josh and Rachael, that was pretty fun and cheap! Got most of my schedule worked out for next semester now. No fun classes just a lot of boredom. But plenty of time for fun and work… Did some minor rearrangements of if you’re actually bored enough to notice well… it’s sad -) . Spent last night trying to download Mandrake 8.1 and Redhat 7.2 …. I’m still at 13% on Redhat 7.2 DISC 1… I’m downloading like 1.2 GB of stuff but it’s going at 5.9 k / sec. SAD!!!!!! How do they expect the “Linux Community” to grow? Went to Log Cabin w/ Adam at about 11 and well… that’s ALWAYS interesting. Did homework then went to bed. This is funny. Today: Civ Mat Eng and special MOO VAY NIGHT…. with dave and john cooking enchiladas and various other awesome mexican foods. Later.


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