Robbie3883 (1:47:53 PM): so basically

Robbie3883 (1:47:53 PM): so basically yer wasting yer time
hoy bofe (1:48:07 PM): yeah
hoy bofe (1:48:12 PM): thinking up good ways to kill myself

What are we talking about? Glorious Freshman O. Going to do some scheduling tonight hopefully… just got done choking down some winslow and about to go to math. Last night watched Raw w/ Lee John Rachael Laura and Lisa… it was pretty sucky. Site Update: Pictures added to pictures section… me and my niece. woohoo. Note: Don’t ever try and microwave easy mac after it gets cold… the mac burns and smells like shit. Speaking of—I gotta go to math class…. after math going to SLEEP!!!!!!!!!!


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