Wow… good thing my last

Wow… good thing my last update had two in one day because I have been too busy to update for the past 3 days!!!!!!!!!!

Friday: Woke up at like 9 am… got 6 hrs of sleep and woke up w/out an alarm. I hate it! Anyways, practiced Cavies Audition music for around 3 hours. Saw my niece. Drove to Lexington and on the way got stuck in a traffic jam for an hour. Lexington is a huge place…. and I’m living in a very small place right now so it was freakin’ weird. Listened to the Waffle House song!! Sang it all weekend. Laurin, Chris, Matt, Nat were among the characters I saw Friday. Stayed w/ Chris and Matt and watched Mallrats with Laurin Katie Mandy Abby and Chris. Quite a fun night.

Saturday: Woke up at 8 something for band semifinals at Dunbar HS. I was going to see all 16 bands but I got there right when the first one started… and I had to park 3 miles away. So ACTUALLY I got there for the 7th band I think… and watched them all. More on the band stuff… Saturday night ate at the waffle house with: Bethany, Alex, Becca, Nick, Laurin, Nat, Chris, and Matt… that was a lot of fun. That night got back to Matt/Chris’s dorm…read about haunted Riverpark Center of 1927 in Owensboro and just chilled there.

Sunday: WHAT A WEIRD DAY. Ended up kicking Nick in the head while I was sleeping (we were both on the floor) and he was gone when everyone woke up. Chris and I ate breakfast (I had a ham and cheese omlet and COOL RANCH DORITOS—WTF) at commons around noon. So we had it all figured out how to get back to Owensboro/Murray Sunday. I was going to drive Chris to his car and then follow him to the stadium let him park and then drive him back to the dorm and leave… we get to Chris’s car and it is COVERED in bird crap. I will have pictures on this site when they’re given to me… oh my gosh it was hilarious. We were just awestruck. Chris and I got it washed and got the white part of the crap off the car but everything else is still there. We were talking about birds and stuff… and we look down and there is a freaking dead bird on the ground. It was just WEIRD. So I was on my way back to Owensboro at about 3 EST. I went to pump some gas… I had $10 and I left it pumping because I figured it would stop way before 10… it stopped at $9.99. Got back to Oboro and was so tired I decided to stay the night and drive home Mon morning.

Today: Drove home w/ Adam. Nobody was on the road and I love seeing the trees at this time of year, they r0x. Going to Civ in like 10 mins. LATER!!!!!!!!!


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