What’s the deal, two updates

What’s the deal, two updates in one day? Oh, it’s true. It’s true. I ate a late dinner w/ Adam & Ben and didn’t go to the Wind Ensemble Concert tonight that was brought to my attention a little too late. Oh well… spent most of the night doing some much needed organizing of my hard drive and cleaning this place up…

Got my midterms and I’m pretty mad. I got a C in Eng101 which isn’t feasable. Just because she didn’t like one of my papers she gives me a 50 on it for having “too long of an introduction” (which was minus 25). She’s letting us do it over again, but that was the grade on the midterm. I know it doesn’t matter but I’m still kind of bitter. My math grade was a D, but isn’t too bad because everyone failed the first test and she is giving us all a curve so that D will more than likely be a C or a B by the end of the semester. Everything else was A’s and B’s.

Right now I’m pretty on edge about Cavaliers auditions. I can’t wait to get the music so I can have something to perfect. I don’t think I put this in the weekend update but Saturday morning I spent like 3 and a half hours just practicing my freaking baritone. I think I can I think I can I think I can I think I can I think I can I think I can. I know most of you reading could care less… but you’re over it and so am I.

Some great links…
A Tribute to America – More important now than ever.
Jeffrey’s homepage – You gotta meet Jeffrey.
Adam Cecil’s tuition – Long story short Adam’s selling some guy’s clothes on Ebay that he left in the house that he moved out of that still have the tag on them. The link right here is one of the many shirts you can purchase (it’s up to $20 now and there’s 5 more days on it!)
Kum Ba Ya – Some Afghanistan humor sent to me by my dad. Pretty funny….
memeg.jpg – This is a picture of me and my niece Megan. More and better pics coming soon…isn’t she adorable. PS: In case you haven’t seen me since like July I got a hair cut. Later.


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