OMG It’s 3:20 AM. I’m

OMG It’s 3:20 AM. I’m writing this now so I don’t forget everything!! Note to self : Me lunch = cappucino = AWESOMENESS. Had some cappucino after racer band (after dinner w/ Adam) and started on my Eng 101 paper. It’s horrible! At least it’s a rough draft though. Anyways… didn’t really start on my paper. Was bombarded with IMs when I got back from dinner. Yikes! Oh well, talked to people and all that. Blah blah. Then we went to Wal-Mart (Ben Adam and I). It was INSANE. We were there for an hour just constantly being insane (like grabbing phone and saying stuff). Then we went our sep. ways back home. Around 1 AM I get a message from Adam: WANNA GO TO HART CPU LAB TO DO ENG PAPER? So I go…and I get done a few hours later. zeet freakin ness. I love college!!!!!!!! TODAY: Wed… hopefully get two CSC tests back..class..class…CLASS…sleep(!) and movie night! YAY. Later!


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