I have a feeling this

I have a feeling this is a time that more of my updates will come… especially on Monday and Wed. Yesterday was a doozie of a day. Woke up, couldn’t find my keys, I left in the door the entire night and they were still there when I woke up. Only in Murray KY. Did 4 Chapters of CSC 199 homework. Answered 4000 calls at work. Went to Civ, Went to CSC (consecutive classes) ate lunch. Went to Math, went to English, Went to Racerband..got back. Ate dinner, and a very entertaining one at that. Read that someone doesn’t like me and that I’m responsible for the decline of music itself. Then I relaxed for a while (2 mins I think) and then went to Dave’s and watched RAW with Lee Lisa Rachael Dave John Chris and new addition Brittany. It was a lot of fun. Today: Work….Class…Class…Racerband. Later.


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