I’ve gone and I’ve done

I’ve gone and I’ve done it again…. another awesome weekend. Friday- rode back in hurricane like weather at 400 mph…thx katie crabtree. Friday night… chilled w/ the dude and watched “Kickboxing Academy”—one of the worst movies ever made. Slept for a little while. Saturday—Went to DCHS band contest… fun fun. After that hung out w/ the bobster and dude and did some catching up and told some stories. Slept. Sunday – Went to church w/ parents… ate dinner/lunch with my sister and bro in law (and parents). Emily’s very pregnant now. She can rest drinks on her stomach! My bet for the day she has it is the 14th of October. =) Went and talked to Jenn for a little bit… came home. Did homework then went to Hut with Dude. Chilled at his place for a while after that and then went home. Rode home with Melissa Bates and Katie Crab.—- an interesting one nonetheless. Anyways… I may need to start cooking some Chef Boyardee for breakfast now. THIS WEEK: RACERBAND~ HOMECOMING~ AA WEST REGIONALS~ NO TIME! Later.


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