k. It’s Monday Night and

k. It’s Monday Night and that means one thing. RAW IS WAR. I am so excited about this weekend that the fact I am ridiculously tired doesn’t matter. Everyone is coming in- Ryan, Nick, Dude, Robbo, Hartman. I’m hyped. FOC is going to be awesome. My parents are coming too! If you don’t have anything to do Sat. DEFINITELY come to Murray. It will be awesome. If you’re going to the show but don’t know where to sit, sit as close as you can to the 40 yardline in the afternoon closest to wal-mart. We’ve got a suprise planned. Today == Suck. Classes were boring, and sucked. Maybe it was because I was tired…. maybe it’s because it was 40 outside. Tomorrow: Easier day… FOR 199 class and longer time at work. Maybe I’ll take an hour off. Later


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