What a weekend! Friday I

What a weekend! Friday I sporadically left Murray and went home because the game was cancelled. Friday I hung w/ Dude Colleen and Natalie. I called Jenn several times but no answer. -( Saturday afternoon I ate lunch at Mancino’s with Ryan and helped him with his JavaScript class. I also went to see Apollo’s band practice and ran into Jenn there! We ended up going to their competition (where they swept their class -way to go P ) At the show ran in to J and Momar. Ate dinner w/ Katie Andrea and Jenn. Mo, Mel, me, Katie Jenn and Andrea chilled for a while and then they all left and I talked w/ Jenn for a while and then went home. Woke up next day… ate w/ parents at Ruby Tuesday’s… came home packed up did Mat 140 homework and left. Drove back to Murray today and am back to no good. Got some Cappucino with Taylor and now I’m freakin’ wired as crap. Finishing Eng 101 paper. Found some interesting links on this whole situation in NY/DC; here they are:

link 1 —about hoaxes that are going on now…
link 2 —an eerie post from November 30th 2000
link 3 —nice images from around the world
link 4 —elaboration on McCain’s “God have mercy on these people because our country won’t” quote. (MILITARY EQUIP INFO)

Tomorrow: WORK…CLASS…RACERBAND. The cycle resumes. Later.


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