I’m outraged. RESNET (Murray State’s

I’m outraged. RESNET (Murray State’s Campus Internet Service) was down for 34 hours. Of course… if I was l33t enough to be like Adam Cecil I’d have an online time like this:


As for Friday… I had work, and a class. Then I got my hair cut (just trimmed) Then I drove through one of the craziest rain storms I’ve been through, tons of lightning… including some that struck some power and made the stoplights go out. After all the rain I got back to my room and went to rehearsal… which was also pretty wet. (and sucked) Friday night I got home, and went to bed at 9 pm. Slept until 11:30 am the next day. Yeah, I was a little tired.

Saturday, ate cracker barell with parents (who were in town to see the band at halftime for the MSU/ISU game) After that we went our sep. ways, because I had to get ready (put uniform/shoes/gloves on and intstrument) so we have our awesome new uniforms on… and rain comes sploshing down again. Eventually it was even worse than Friday’s. We all got little ponchos, and being the men we were brass players had to go out in the rain and play the national anthem. The game was delayed for almost two hours, and we had nothing to do. We changed out of our uniforms and had on our t-shirts and whatever else… but the problem was most people didn’t wear their band shoes here they had sandals or something to the like… so about half of racer band was barefoot (not me though). Anyway, the show was ok… could have been better but considering the circumstances it was OK. After the game I went to Lara and Rachael’s room w/ a bunch of people and watched Meet the parents.

And, on a day called Sunday, I went to St. John’s Episcopal Church for the first time. It was pretty much like Trinity back home, but the main thing I thought it lacked was MUSIC. Not much of a choir (4 people, without me) but I joined and sang tenor for them. Got home and experienced Sunday Jet Lag… and now I’m blogging. Later today: Homework. Study. Sucky stuff. Later.


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