Hmm… nothing to do for

Hmm… nothing to do for 15 minutes so I’ll blog. Yesterday I said farewell to Dude who headed home last night (and made it home too). Uh, Suite Mates blasted some crappy movie at like 3 am last night so I had to tell them to turn it down. It would’ve been FINE if they were watching a GOOD movie, but I didn’t recognize it… Um, had breakfast with Chris and Brittany… went to work. Met some newbies working there… found a decent ShoutCAST station that we could all agree on. Working on some underhanded miva leetness (for my personal use). Ate lunch with TAMA~ and then came here, to a STILL wet room. I got class to go to… and I’m sure you have something better to do than watch me ramble on. (or do you?) Tonight: Fix Tama’s comp…& RACER BAND PRACTICE~~~~~~~ (psyche) and homework. Later.


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