I’m back at school. Owensboro

I’m back at school. Owensboro was pretty dull, if you ask me. I did enjoy seeing some of the people I haven’t seen in a while (Ryan, Zack, Laurin, Matt, Chris, Bobster, etc etc) but when they weren’t around I was horrendously bored. Saw Jay and Silent Bob Strike back Saturday w/ Dude. Had an interesting Saturday night with Bobster, Fredward and etc, HAHAHAHA… lets just say Bobster and Fredward left us in Bobsters house and Dude and I pretty much reigned hell on it. Saw El ZiGGo , btw thx for the white shoes. ZiGGo now is a whore for ‘da man, working at staples 200000 hours a day. It’s sad, but it’s also very nice to see him w/ some cash in his wallet!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Thx again dude) Our (MSU) first home football game is Saturday, and my parents are coming in town. Translation? FREE LUNCH. Nah, my parents are great. They’re coming to a college football game to watch the band, now that’s something. I’m back at school though… which is good. Dude is here also, he will be leaving tonight though. Oh well. HOLY CRACKA – MY ARCHIVES ARE FIXED!!! Tonight—Practice -( Tomorrow: CLASSE~


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