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Ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok. OMG THE SITE IS BACK UP. Well, kind of. The guestbook doesn’t work because I had to move servers because the only port Murray State likes is FTP. But, some good news has come today. I have a job for ACTS (Applied Computer Technology Technical Services?) where I’ll be making webpages and stuff, so I’m sure they will hooketh me up with some space. (Or I’ll get it myself, DAMNIT) So it’s at a temp. location for now, with a non-asp enabled server so the guestbook (asp) doesn’t work. As for the non-geek part of things… band camp has been interesting nonetheless. I’m in the baritone line (there’s 7 of us) and we are rocking!! I’m having a blast with sectionals but I’m getting pretty bored in full band and in marching rehearsals. Oh well, nothing like getting my lips back. I’ve met a lot of nice people, everyone seems remotely nice but I guess I read too much into it when I say it seems superficial. They just seem like they’re being nice to make them feel like they’re a nice person. But, I’ve only been here two days and I hope I’m wrong. My e-mail address is going to be changing, because frankly adelphia has pissed me off yet again! Send all e-mails to: hoybofe@hotmail.com. This is a tired and sore Andy Hill saying goodnight… I’m waking up at 7:45 tomorrow morning and practice until 10 pm! WHEE


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