Update time is just rolled

Update time is just rolled by… Today I woke up around 4:30. -) Ahh. I woke up several times before 4:30, but it was because of the dog or phone ringing. Anyway… after I woke up I got a call from Abe and went to his house for a while. Then we went to Jay’s house, came over here and watched South Park. Wasn’t as good as last week, but was still good. I took his ass home, and have been here for the remainder of the night. As for the porno thing mentioned in my guestbook, Chris Record, Nick Jones, Matt Hughes and I went to Golden’s last night in FoA (see earlier today). Golden’s has a huge porno section that you have to open a door to get to. Chris put his hand on the door, and the guy at the counter said “If you’re not 18 don’t even think about going behind that door!” I loudly blurted out, “WHAT IF HE IS???” Conclusion: The guy was an ass. Chris showed him his ID just to prove the rude old man wrong… then as he left the store (it was closing soon) we yelled various things to him. What a jerk~.


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