Adelphia == Biggest pile of

Adelphia == Biggest pile of crap ever! There was an outage last night, from 11:00 pmish to 7 am. I went to bed at 5 am. So I had nothing to do almost all night… after Nathan Cobb left boredom set in. I sat here for about 30 minutes making an Adelphia sucks presentation in Flash, but I couldn’t finish it because I just can’t stand sitting here with the modem lights blinking incessantly. At around 2:30 am I had a strange urge to watch American Beauty. So I went to wal-mart and bought it. Watched American beauty, and around 5 am checked to see if Adelphia was back online… it wasn’t… so I went to bed. Today: ??? I don’t know, I’m just glad I’m back online.


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