It’s pretty late…. again. This

It’s pretty late…. again. This might be the latest I’ve updated. I just got done talking to my dad about the viruses I got in the mail today (sarc32) . Both were from – if you’re reading this your computer has a virus on it! hehheheh. I got one copy of it at my adelphia mail and the other copy was at my hotmail. I feel so loved by this person I don’t even know. I downloaded a live video of Tool doing 46&2 which was very cool. Today(Yesterday) went to Pizza Hut with Dude (Zack… for all of you inquiring minds) John and Ryan. Had a great time. After that I came home and did absolutely nothing. MTSU DCI SHOW IS THIS WEEK!!! Tomorrow (today): Stop by Apollo and talk to Mr. Brown for a while… other than that—- I’m clueless. Later.


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