WOOHOO!! Everyone likes the new

WOOHOO!! Everyone likes the new colors right? Good. I do. The amazing Andy Hill locator is going through a beta release before college. YAY! Today (yesterday) I went to Texas Roadhouse w/ Laurin Chris and Nat then went to see Jurassic Park 3. 3? Yes… 3 words to sum up the movie- bag of shit. It’s horrid. Don’t see it, it’s simply disgusting the way they try and make money. Maybe they’ll realize you have to EARN money in Hollywood instead of releasing pure crap. Mad ups to Chris Record who visits this site many times at work with the Owensboro Symphony. Sell those pencils! Actually, mad props to everyone who visits this site! Also, put and Overflow flyer up. They’re playing at Friday After 5. Go check ‘em out! Today (tomorrow): Sleep, get some replacement key and social sec. card.! Later.


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